Children entitled to our best

We decry the entitled generation. There is data that show that the rising generation has expectations for entertainment, lifestyle and pleasure unlike any before. I am against entitlement in nearly all ways, except when it comes to parenting and protection.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that children come to us with a divine claim on our best efforts for their betterment and shelter from the elements, hunger and predators.

I believe we can do more to cherish, treasure and nurture the next generation so that they reach their potential. It is high time we retake the high ground as individuals, parents and society. Slouches and slumps disappear the moment we determine to stand straight.

There is no program, no agency, no association that substitutes for the personal parental commitment to independent, deliberate personal improvement and the commitment to build children. In the end, it comes down to mothers and fathers making a significant, heroic choice to be an exceptional parent.

If one comes from a troublesome background, the miracle of the human soul is that we can choose to become better than our heritage. If we come from homes of strength, we can elect to perpetuate and magnify its effect on future generations.

We can and should actively and with determination make the choices and changes necessary to prepare our children for the worst and the best the world will offer them.

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