Harvey Weinstein drops support for gore

In a remarkable turn of events this past week, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein announced his retirement from making hyper-violent films. In an interview with Piers Morgan, he declared, “I’m not going to make some crazy action movie just to blow up people and exploit people.” Worth an estimated $150 million from his entertainment enterprises with Miramax and now Weinstein Co., Mr. Weinstein has been a supporter of disturbingly gory human-on-human violence … Continue reading»

Children entitled to our best

We decry the entitled generation. There is data that show that the rising generation has expectations for entertainment, lifestyle and pleasure unlike any before. I am against entitlement in nearly all ways, except when it comes to parenting and protection. I believe, wholeheartedly, that children come to us with a divine claim on our best efforts for their betterment and shelter from the elements, hunger and predators. I … Continue reading»

3 trends connect NSA snooping and Common Core testing

In recent days, yet another problematic revelation has roiled Washington, D.C. This time it goes beyond snooping around journalists looking for a scoop. It involves the National Security Administration collecting phone data on of Verizon customers. This is a problem. A real problem. The U.S. federal government derives its power through the consent of the governed through a system of duly elected representatives acting as agents for their … Continue reading»

Boston stands still, but resilient and heroic

Transfixed. Mesmerized. Glued. In the past week, peaking late last night and early this morning, the above words described my attention to breaking news out of Boston. It began with the horrific bombing in Boston, beloved to the nation as the cradle of liberty and crucible of education. Beloved to me and my family for the six wonderful years spent there in school and work. Tied to Patriots … Continue reading»

Thatcher’s Britain: By the numbers

The Economist's "State of Britain" Daily Chart

Margaret Thatcher’s death brought forward testimonials of gratitude and anger for her legacy. Labor unions and statists are typically her fiercest critics. Some even put together “Death Parties” to celebrate her passing, complete with anti-female slurs. She was certainly hard on unions and those who celebrate and invite government oversight and power during her administration. She was also hard on those seeking to advance communism around the world. … Continue reading»

Looking at debates through different lenses

So often we hear politicians, activists and pundits authoritatively declare, “The debate is over!” Nearly as often we find ourselves thinking, “Wait a minute, according to whom!?” There seems to be a sense that polls, twitter, mocking opponents into submission, or so-called consensus opinions carry the day in debates instead of data, history, sound reasoning and good ‘ol horse sense. This new blog will serve as an addendum … Continue reading»